Bookcases are some of the most helpful furniture pieces you’ll ever own. Bookcase Buying Guide They not just organize your assortment of novels, but additionally function as a spot to display art and accent pieces.

With the addition of a couple of bins or baskets, additionally, they are the ideal place to nicely stash assorted items. Wood Bookcase ideas Choose properly, and you’ll own your Living Room Furniture bookcase for a long time (or perhaps decades) in the future. here is some useful information on the Bookcase Buying Guide for your house.

Bookcase Buying Guide

Bookcase Buying Guide


Whether you’d like only a couple of shelves to showcase decor or you’re searching to accommodate a little library, with regards to selecting a design for your bookcase, you’ll end up confronted with a large number of options. Probably the most common bookcase black wood styles include:

Standard – Standard bookcases would be the workhorses of shelves. They’re typically made from wood or MDF, and made with evenly spaced or adjustable shelves along with a closed-back frame.

Etagere – An Etagere is a lot more delicate when compared to a standard bookcase, featuring an empty back and shelves that are frequently created from glass. In case your standard bookcase is perfect for function, an natural wood bookcase Etagere is all about form.

Ladder or leaning – ladder-style bookcases are made to lean from the wall, frequently with? stepped? shelves that progressively reduce in size in the ground-up.

Corner – Corner bookcases are made in the right position, which makes them the perfect shape for wedging into tight nooks.

Scaffold – These bookcase light wood obtain name using their look: They refashioned from shelving suspended between two ladder-like supports.

Cube – Cube bookcases are divided both horizontally and vertically to create cubby-like sections that are perfect for housing both books and storage baskets.

Built-in – If you wish to produce a wall (or room) of floor-to-ceiling shelves, built-in bookcases are what you want. This style will need not only vacation to your preferred furniture store, however, but you’ll also need to utilize a specialist to produce a custom arrangement for your home.


Dimensions are possibly the most crucial step to consider when looking for a bookcase because it determines the way the shelves both look and performance in your space. Here’s baby:

Height. Most bookcases vary from three to eight ft tall. Consider both aesthetic and practical concerns when selecting height. Tall bookcases that fill the majority of a wall typically look more costly and formal however, shorter ones provide the added functionality of the functional area on top. This enables it to be used as a media cabinet, buffet, or workspace, for instance.

Width. The width of the bookcase should be thought about in accordance with the peak. When you purchase a tall bookcase, purchasing multiple narrow units rather than merely one large one will offer more versatility to include or take away space for storage when needed. If you go searching for a shorter unit, selecting something wide can make the piece feel larger.

Depth. Most shelves are at least one foot deep to permit ample room for storage, however, many bookcases, especially ladder or learning styles, have narrower shelving. Consider what you’ll be storing in your bookcase before buying.

The space between shelves. When the shelves in your bookcase are fixed, make certain to determine the area together to make sure that your books and accent pieces will fit. Adjustable-height shelves offer more versatility.


Depending on how you plan to use your bookcase, you may want to look for the following options:

Adjustable-height shelves. For that finest versatility, select a bookcase with movable shelves. These shelves are usually suspended on pegs that may be placed into a number of holes to be able to adjust their position

Wheels. If you are planning to apply your shelves like a room divider, or you prefer to redecorate frequently, think about a shelf on wheels. This allows easy movement from area to area.

Room dividers. Within an open-concept home or perhaps a large room, black wood bookcase can be used as an area divider. If this sounds like your plan, make sure to buy a shelf that’s particularly made to stand by itself. Many bookshelves have to be guaranteed to some walls and aren’t appropriate to be used as room dividers.


Bookshelves are made from a variety of materials. These cherry wood bookcase are the most common:

Wood. Wooden bookcases provide a traditional look along with a solid, lengthy-lasting frame. Wood is fantastic for standard bookcases because it can withstand the substantial weight.

Particleboard. If you’re on a tight budget, search for shelving produced from particleboard or MDF, that provides the feel of hardwood at a reduced cost. Observe that particleboard isn’t as sturdy because of the real factor, so make sure to consider weight limitations before loading your shelves.

Metal. Metal Open Bookshelf can provide sturdy storage that has a lot less bulk than wood or particleboard. This will make it a perfect material for individuals preferring an efficient, contemporary look.

Wood Bookcase Buying Ideas

The cost of the bookcase is determined by size, material, and manufacturer. wood bookcase buying tips The ground-to-ceiling solid-wood bookcase from the high-finish furniture store may cost 1000s of dollars, as the cost of the three-shelf unit made from MDF is often as low as $50.

To find the solid wood bookcase for the space, begin by figuring out how you’ll utilize it. After that, it will likely be much simpler to determine how big, material, and elegance may ultimately perform best in your house. Think about the following:

Your space. Bearing in mind the area in which you plan to place your bookshelf will help you narrow lower your choices. Appraise the width, depth, and height from the area, and employ that like a guide while shopping.

How you will use it. Before you decide to shop, possess an obvious concept of the way you plan to apply your bookcase. If you’re an enthusiastic reader, you’ll want sturdier shelving that may withstand the load of the hardcover collection. A bookshelf that will function more like a display situation, however, could be more decorative.

Your budget. Just because a bookcase is one thing you’ll use for a long time, consider it as being a good investment and buy the greatest-quality item you really can afford. Should you desire a built-in light wood bookcase however the cost puts it of achievement, consider a number of tall, high-quality bookcases placed alongside. This may have a similar effect for any much smaller-sized investment.